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Historic Canal District City of Miamisburg CARES

The Canal District is the inaugural C.A.R.E.S. neighborhood. Work began in 2017 by reaching out to residents seeking input on their concerns, perceptions, and needs. Throughout two years of intense communication and collaborating, alleys were paved, lights were repaired, homes were rehabbed, a neighborhood watch was created, and an identity was shared.

The Canal District celebrated their neighborhood in September 2019 with a block party at their newly renovated Keelboat Park. The Canal District celebrates the history of the canal, the age of the homes, and deep roots of resiliency and community.

The residents have taken ownership of where they live and come together monthly to discuss any concerns, issues, events, or ways to improve their neighborhood. The Canal District has embraced the words of Mark Twain.



No Upcoming Events

Good exercise for the heart: reach out and help your neighbor.

— Mark Twain

If you live within the Canal District and want to be involved, contact:


Ron Mefford 

Canal District President

(937) 321-1167

To connect with your neighbors online join the Canal District facebook group: 


Learn more about this historical neighborhood and get to know your neighbors:


Visit the Canal District website and discover how you can get more involved.


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